Olympic Speed Skating

This event is the most similar to track and field. Is anyone following along? What’s the (ice cream) scoop?


Actually the event/discipline that has the most direct cross-over from Speed Skating is Track Cycling or just road cycling in general. Vincent D’Haitre has recently represented Canada internationally in the Team Pursuit in Cycling (Tokyo Olympics) and it was a goal of his to make the Speed Skating team in an individual event or on the Pursuit Team for Beijing, just 6 months after Tokyo, but I believe he pulled up short on that.

Of course then there is the great Clara Hughes - Olympic medalist in Road Cycling (Time Trial) and in Speed Skating!

I have noticed that the speed skaters seem to do cycling vs. running as cross-training but I guess that makes sense since both sports require monster quads.

I guess I was talking more about the format of the event, it’s basically track on ice (with unique differences that change for short and long track).

But also, why is the short track oval 111m???

"But also, why is the short track oval 111m???"

To fit into a standard Hockey Arena!