ACXC 2023 Meme Thread

Shoutout to @tbirds_hp for getting these going. We’ve organized them in chronological order

Broatch Toronto Marathon Dub

Harbour responds with a banger

A new recruit enters the fold after previously getting blown up by MacGruber

Long AF but good

After a road2hope announcer mishap

Results: Results - 2023 Hamilton Marathon Road2Hope — Race Roster — Registration, Marketing, Fundraising

Gonna be honest. This meme was a rough meme. Text flying randomly everywhere. Characters representing multiple things. The thought was there, but stick to anime I guess?

Straight rip-off of our meme last year but that’s okay. These are far too stupid to be classified as intellectual property:


Ours from last year

Lumb = Vader? :scream:

Is Royal City the guy?

Tbirds meme dump

Les boys entrent dans le jeu

Our first submission:

More from TBirds:

Some of the juniors are getting in on this too. Love to see it. This one stands out for not being marvel.

See @lwtfdistanc and @stringelite for more:

Bandits have finally entered the chat

More Laval: