ACXC Prediction Thread

So far all I’ve seen are elite memes and far-from-elite course scouting reports.

Let’s hear some other takes.

On crazy course (and this one is shaping up to the craziest in decades), expect crazy results. But also expect steeplers and those with steeple experience to fare better than average, all other things (like broken ankles) being equal.


1.John Gay
2.Luc B.
3.Jeremy Coughler
4.Mike Tate
6. T. Fafard.
7. Connor Black.
9.Blair Morgan
10. Kevin Coffey.


  1. Genn L.
  2. J. Lacourse.
  3. Vic Coates.
  4. Maria B.
  5. Taryn O.
  6. Catherine B.
  7. Alex Lucki.
  8. Lindsay Carson.
  9. Sasha G.
  10. Lisa Brooking.
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Bruchet for the win. Bandits for the win. Thomas Nobbs top 10. Connor Black top 3 (because grinders course). Lalonde wins by a lot

No one gives as good of a post race interview as mine from 2019


I like to see an interview prediction! We’ll have to wait and see how yours stacks up:

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This is the wrong interview. Refer to this one instead


Sr Men.
Luc, John, CPT… big gap to rest of field

Sr. Women
Gen Lalonde… even bigger gap to rest of the field

Not seeing you on the entry list. You looked to be in great form at USports last weekend!

I predict Alex Wilkie to win the community 6km race :goat:


Great picks, Steve. I would have put CPT higher. Tate off a bit at AO Championships, but perhaps he’s fine-tuning the peak for this week? What’s the back-ground on Coughler?

With the women - the big question is how much of a lead will Lalonde have at the end. Surprised that more of the NCAA standouts will not be making the trip. They are a strong group - led by Ceili McCabe (3rd at NCAA XC!) - O’Neil the only one of note that seems to be coming. Probably people are still cautious about COVID19?

CPT is a very good XC runner for a 1500 specialist-- because he’s just a very well-rounded distance runner, in the old-school way. But, this course promises to be pretty extreme, and I think if his balance is seriously thrown off he may suffer relative to the steeplers and pure strength guys, such as Tate. As for Coughler, he had a low-key NCAA career (with steeple experience) and seems to be coming into his own as a post-collegian. He looked well within himself at AOs and this course may favour him.

On the women’s side, Lalonde is a prohibitive favourite (and sincere apologies for spelling her name with a J in the post above-- now corrected). McCabe might have given her a go on a “normal” course, but I think she’ll be unbeatable on this one.

Sorry, I’m aware that McCabe is not running. This was purely hypothetical

McCabe NOT an entry, for the women, at least from the list that I am working off of!

Thanks for the details on Coughler. Looks like a bit of a late bloomer - although he ran well in High School to secure a scholarship to Indiana. OK performances there. He’s now a full time Chiropractor!


  1. Mike Tait - nastier than a king can of Molson extra dry
  2. John Gay - heard he’s fit idk
  3. Luc - has a moustache
  4. JerBear - :relaxed:
  5. connor BLACK - biggest heart


  1. Gen - similar betting odds to GSW circa 2016/17
  2. O Neil - coming down to sea level
  3. J. Lacourse - Quebec’s finest
  4. V. Coates - :hammer::hammer::hammer:
  5. Olivia Rousell - heard it here first

Team champs?

  1. :hammer::pancakes:

Read or don’t.

Do you have access to Entry Lists that I don’t? :thinking: I don’t see Andrew Davies on ANY list. Surprising because he won the Last U20 ACXC in '19, and ran well last weekend at USports (4th)!

The races this year at ACXC, are actually most curious, for who will NOT be on the Start Line. But I have been absolutely HAMMERED in the past, by even mentioning in passing the missing while doing Commentary - they do this all the time in other sports, but apparently for some, in Canada, it’s verboten in running!! :thinking:

No Davies. He’s sending a 3k. Also sandbagging for a potential BBC World Championships. Check trackie.reg for ACXC entries.


Taking names and making notes!! :slight_smile:

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Entries here: Online Registration for Track & Field, Road Running & More

Is there a virtual portion to the Backwards Bear Crawl World Champs? Would be fun to make it available worldwide.

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Assuming I have time to even organize it then yes. Might have to delay it until March #SeeYaInMarch

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As I work my way through the various Age Categories there are some possibly interesting match-ups in the U20 and U18 races. Example: Nolan Turgeon from Quebec (8:17 3000m PB at 17!!), racing up a category in the U20 race vs Dylan Uhrich (15:08 5000m pb - BC XC U20 Champ.) vs Dakota Goguen. And then in the U20 women’s race Sadie Sigfstead, the Villanova Freshman who’s been all over the podium in the U18 and U20 going back to when she won the U18 at age 14 in 2017 vs Angelina Shandro the BC U20 Champ with 1500m speed (#1 in the country this year!)

Who are the Kingston kids we should be on the look out for? Alexandra Campbell ran REALLY well at OFSAA and at AO’s - 2nd in both - entered in the U18 Race for ACXC!