Early Usports XC prediction thread

Who has shown up to TCamp the fittest they’ve ever been? Who’s hammering cakes AND hammering the hills? Will we see them in November? Start your predictions now.

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Sources are indicating high risk of covid outbreak at some of the team training camps and all I can say is be careful out there this season folks. Don’t take any crap from silly people who cite Dougie Ford’s (or pretty much any other premier’s) policies as legit and who are fine putting others at risk. Flush em down the toilet.

Rumours are flying that 'Toba has been eating some tainted bison meat during training camp and are predicted to flood the courses this fall faster than the Red River on a spring day.

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Surely there is issue to be taken with these rankings/predictions, because isn’t Canadian Running terrible at this sort of thing?

The men’s rankings have already disappeared from the top page. Perhaps they are hiding in shame.