Malindi Elmore and Trevvy Hoff Fastest Ever Canadian Times at Boston Good For 11th and 15th

Wodak a respectable 19th. World standards too for Elmore and Hofdaddy on a historically difficult course. Discus?

I missed watching this year’s Boston! Challenging course to run a WC standard so hats off to Elmore and Hofbauer. Who else has standard for Eugene (Sexton from her fall win in Philly)?

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Good question. Doesn’t Wodak also get it for her OG result?

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Very nice execution for both-- hitting exactly PB pace at HM and hanging on well through the hills. This is a very hard course to even or negative split, particularly for a first-timer. Good finishes in stacked fields, too. You can’t ask for much more than that!

Wodak missed it at the Olympics (2:31:41 vs 2:29:30), but the qualifying period for marathons runs from Dec 1, 2020 to May 29, 2022 so her Chandler, AZ marathon counts from December 2020 (2:26:19).

Interesting though, because Elmore now has standard (2:27:58 at Boston), but because Boston is not a legal course I don’t think it counts? You can also qualify by finishing in the top 10 at a Platinum Marathon (Tokyo, Nagoya, Seoul, Boston for 2022; Nagoya, Xiamen, Berlin, London, Chicago, Boston, Amsterdam, New York, Valencia for 2021), but she finished 11th.

Marchant was also close at New York in 2021 (11th -2:32:54)

Edit: Also, @Billie you were right, Sexton does have it (2:28:35 -Philadelphia, November 2021). For some reason she wasn’t showing up in the world rankings list on World Athletics.

As for men, the standard is 2:11:30

Hofbauer has it (2:10:52 at Boston), but again I don’t think it counts since the course is not legal.

Levins has it (2:10:14 in Austria in May 2021)

Priesner has it (2:10:17 in Arizona in December 2020)

Seems like currently Hofbauer and Elmore would have to qualify based on their world ranking. They take 100 people for the marathon. Elmore is currently ranked 117 and Trevor is 582. However, each country can also only send 3 athletes (4 in special cases) so Elmore would likely be assured a spot. Idk about Hofbauer though. I also haven’t looked at what the Athletics Canada criteria is.

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First Name Last Name Event Club Coach
Mohammed Ahmed 10000m Niagara Olympic Club Jerry Schumacher
Evan Dunfee 35km RW Race Walk West Gerry Dragomir
Élissa Legault Marathon Vaudreuil-Dorion Claude David
Cameron Levins Marathon Unattached Jim Finlayson
Rory Linkletter Marathon Unattached Ryan Hall
Kinsey Middleton Marathon Unattached Travis Floeck
Benjamin Preisner Marathon Mile2Marathon Richard Lee
Leslie Sexton Marathon Vancouver Thunderbirds Steve Weiler
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