Sedona gate 2022

Discuss. For real though pretty brutal for all athletes not involved. Also just generally not a great look.


Any Laval boys on here able to refute claims being made on Letsrun right now? Surely les boys wouldn’t defecate on a high school track… or any track for that matter.


When mother nature calls, you pick up the phone (Land, Quann et al. 2021)


Inside sources of LAVAL and BTC are going either way apparently. LES BOYS under pressure as we speak.

Live look Queen - Under pressure (Live at Wembley) - YouTube

As pointed out by a thoughtful Letsrun user, the system-based solution is to have accessible public washrooms next to public parks/tracks. Unfortunately we’re too focused on keeping houseless people out of washrooms than we are giving them houses, so washrooms are in short supply.

That being said… still a big oof. An OOF.

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Coffee club confirms les Quebecois were involved…

(23:10) Poopgate2022!!! (What Really Happened), Shelby Crazy Time Trial, USA Indoors Preview... - YouTube

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