Thanks, USport XCers!

I was an accidental tourist at this year’s event (sudden, vital beer business to attend to) and had planned to ignore it (because of, you know, hating two of the institutions involved down to their DNA), but was so glad I stayed to watch. Your enthusiasm and charm got to me, as it always does, being a such a sucker for it!

For a fan, what could have been better than the wall of noise on the finish straight as the Laval women appeared one-by-one over the crest of the hill, following the crazy, multiple shoulder-checking sprint finish of their team mate and winner Jessie Lacourse? Unless it was the eyeball-popping, slightly wobbly downhill full-tilter of Mitch Ubene, with the same wall of Laval noise in his ears (and what’s better than the look of a runner who only thought he might win, not that he should and must win, actually winning!?). Not having any personal stake it anymore didn’t make it any less exciting on its face, I was surprised to learn!

May you stay forever young, crazy, and mildly hypoxic!


Great to hear Steve. I’ve always thought that there is something a little extra about the cross country atmosphere that gets created because of the effort spectators have to put in to cheer on athletes. The dedication is unmatched!

I heard the CBC stream had a few issues with their decisions of switching back and forth between cameras, but it made for one hell of a Bandits reaction video when Mitch came flying into screen. Love to see it.