Usports Heat charts

Show your teammates some love. Who is tearing up the track? Who is blasting sand pits wide open? Who is a spaceship launch pad in the throwing circle? Who is clearing bars?


You wouldn’t believe it because like myself they’ve been around for more than a hot sec over in Guelph (in fact it’s at the point where a campus coffee worker has recognized this guy and asked him how many years of grad school he’s completed now when he’s still in his undergrad), but Andrew Leblanc is back and ready to fire on all 6’ 7" of his cylinders. He was the national bronze medalist in the 1000m 4 years ago if you can believe that, and who knows what he can do now, but watch for a perfectly tuned 600m rust buster this weekend in Windsor.

Also, another guy who still hasn’t had enough -Kyle Madden- is in the sweet spot gearing up to probably hit standy at the last Windsor meet out of no where, after only logging workouts on the curve treadmill and running 40sec 300s in NB 880s. This is always right where he wants to be.

It’s exciting to see these guys stick with it to see what they can pull off after many years of ups and downs!


Hearing reports that McMaster has made the best of a fourth-straight year of having their indoor track under construction by diversifying to the field events, with Sam Nusselder being a threat to watch out for in the high jump after years of not practicing (happy birthday Sam), and most of the squad being in backwards pent/heptathlon shape ready to suck at all the events before absolutely dummying the 800/1000m.

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